All-Singing! All Dancing! Don’t miss this very special musical episode.


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It’s official! Murdoch Mysteries will return for an all-new season THIS FALL! Stay tuned for more details and some BIG surprises! 🤔🤩 This is going to be an epic season. 🕵️‍♂️✨⁣

Musical Episode

Why Is Everybody Singing?

Exclusive Trailer

Get ready to experience Murdoch Mysteries like never before! All singing 🎤 All dancing 🕺💃 Don’t miss it! Check your local listings

Why Is Everybody Singing?

Official Musical Soundtrack

Bloody Hell! Listen to your favourite songs from ‘Why Is Everybody Singing?’. Available now on all major music streaming platforms.

Why Is Everybody Singing?

Behind The Scenes: Making The Musical

Take a behind-the-scenes look at all that went into the shooting of Canada’s first-ever musical episode of dramatic television. Murdoch Mysteries’ key cast and creatives bring fans behind the camera and into the special musical universe that was created in making Why Is Everybody Singing?

Why Is Everybody Singing?

Free Sing-A-Long Lyric Book

Sing-A-Long to ‘Why Is Everybody Singing?’ our special musical episode with this free digital lyric book! This digital download features the lyrics from all of your favorite songs from the episode.

Why Is Everybody Singing?

New Products

Show your love for this special musical episode with some limited edition products!


Murdoch Mysteries official beer, station house no4 lager


Station House No.4 Lager

In partnership with Longslice Brewery in Toronto, Murdoch Mysteries is launching an exclusive brew. Available now at select Beer Stores across the Greater Toronto Area.


Poster of Murdoch Mysteries escape game

Escape Room

Detective Murdoch has gone missing, and it’s up to you to find him! Hosted at Casa Loma in Toronto, this engaging, immersive escape room features amazing actors, a thrilling storyline, and several entertaining puzzles for you and your friends to solve.

Poster art for the Murdoch mysteries exhibition

The Museum Exhibition

Step behind the camera and immerse yourself in the fascinating history, science, and fashion of the series. Explore what it takes to bring the world of Murdoch Mysteries to life through beautiful costumes, steampunk-style inventions, authentic set recreations, and entertaining interactive experiences.

More Murdoch

Cover art for the tv show Macy Murdoch

All New Series

Macy Murdoch

A new adventure begins! We’re thrilled to introduce Macy Murdoch an all-new tween and family series, to the Murdoch Mysteries universe.

Cover art for the murdoch mysteries podcast, The Secret Diaries of Detective murdoch


The Secret Diaries of Detective Murdoch

A exclusive must-listen podcast for fans of Murdoch Mysteries, as well as lovers of mystery and thriller books. This Canadian Audible Original series offers listeners a front-row seat into the inner workings of the famous detective’s thoughts and feelings.

Poster art for the Murdoch Mysteries official game, Crime Nights

Mobile Game

Crime Nights

Put your investigation skills to the test in this thrilling murder mystery game based on the hit series Murdoch Mysteries. Using augmented reality and stunning 3D graphics this ground-breaking experience brings the world of Detective Murdoch to life, right in your living room!

Go Behind the Scenes

Four characters from the video series 'After Show'

After Show

Acorn TV takes fans behind the scenes of Murdoch Mysteries where host, Michael Seater interviews the cast, challenges them with multiple-choice trivia and plays fun games.

Two characters from the video series 'Mystery Of'

Mystery Of

An entertaining and compelling series of unexpected mysteries spin into surprising conversations with some of the most interesting and beloved stars of Murdoch Mysteries in this short form digital series on CBC.

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